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Sitecore Symposium Orlando: Marketing Automation Roundtable

Watch a compelling roundtable discussion with four Sitecore MVPs discussing Sitecore marketing automation. Find out what what the new features are, how to get started and what important role you'll play in making technology safe for everyone to use.

Features: Pete Navarra, Jason St-Cyr, Himadri Chakrabarti and Michael West

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Great news, this year I'll be attending Sitecore's User Group Conference (SUGCON) this year in Berlin as a speaker. Along with presenting some great new tech I will be filming several episodes and trying out a few new ideas with a special emphasis on women in technology.

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Sitecore Symposium 2017: Get to know your Speakers

We've got just over a week to go before Sitecore Symposium kicks off in Las Vegas. For anyone attending who may be blissfully unaware of how much preparation goes into giving a talk, you should know, it's a considerable amount of research, development, organization and public speaking skills. The really good ones make it look easy and there's a lot of them (good ones) speaking this year.

Sitecore Symposium 2017: Las Vegas

This time of year is always exciting because of the run up to Sitecore Symposium conference which is of course the big Sitecore event of the year. So while I'm releasing interviews from the last few months (currently from SUGCON EU) and preparing to present at Symposium (Sitecore Cognitive Services!), I'm also pulling together a list of people that I'm hoping to interview while I'm there and starting to figure out how to fit all that I need to do in just a few short days. The logistics of shipping all the equipment I've collected is becoming quite complex but making sure I'm ready to create some captivating episodes is paramount.

Season 2 returns

Even though Season 2 is well underway I've been on hiatus for the holidays. I've already filmed the rest of the Season, I've just been working on the editing and waiting until everyone is back in full swing, ready to see the latest interviews.

The remainder of the season is four episodes starting with Todd Mitchell the Technical Product Owner of Sitecore's XDB where he give a bit of background on the history of the product. I think the timing is perfect since XDB is poised to be a big part of the future of Sitecore and how we develop amazing customer experiences. 

He'll be followed by Alex Shyba (Sitecore), Darren Guarnaccia (Sitecore) and for the season closer, Liz Spranzani (Verndale).

Catching Exceptions Episode 0: Me

Season one is officially done, and anyone who thought I would start an enumeration from one, must be mental. 

So I created this episode over March/April of last year as a proof of concept to see if I could actually make the crazy idea I had been tossing around into a reality. After it was done, I knew it wasn't very polished but I felt like I was onto something. I didn't see value in myself being the pilot episode guest but if I did a decent job with the series I knew I could juxtapose the evolution of the series over time. Showing, what I think is most important in any endeavor; growth.

Catching Exceptions Episode 20 Michael West

Watch Catching Exceptions episode 20 with Michael West, a Problem Solver at Concentra. Find out how he solves all those Texas sized problems. 

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Through the looking glass

Filming this series has been of incalculable value for me. As I look back and disassemble what I've experienced and finding patterns in some answers and such wide variation in others, I find I've learned so much more than I expected.